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Welcome to Everlite Security System and Technologies, Inc. 8809-0339 / 7502-0375 / 09177954194 / 09997940711


Everlite Security Systems and Technologies, Inc. was established on April 2013. The company is 100% Filipino owned. It was established by professionals with expertise in the field of CCTV system and other security products and services.


Everlite’s  mission is to be able to provide quality  and  cost  efficient  security solutions that  will suit every client needs.   Clients requirements from consultation to after sales support are handled by qualified professionals.   Everlite would like to bring together technology  and  innovation  from world-class  brands  and  manufacturers to  meet the diverse  needs  of the local market.

Everlite’s vision is to be one of the most reliable and trusted  provider of  CCTV  system and  other security products in the  country.


*CCTV Surveillance System (IP and  Analog)

*CCTV  Design, Installation, Repair  and  Maintenance

*Biometrics  and Door  Access

* Paper Shredders (Home, Office, Industrial)